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    Jiangsu Kangxiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
     Potassium Metasilica......
     High pure sodium sil...
     White carbon black...
     Organic Membrane Coa......
     Organic membrane coa......
     Benzene Sulfonyl chl...
     Diphenyl sulfone...
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     Hypophosphorous acid...
     Calcium Phosphate...
    White carbon black

    M.F.: SiO2nH2O

    Technical Standard:

    Silican daioxide content
    better than or equal to thesamplee
    Sireening residue
    Heating loss
    Baking loss
    PH value
    DBP absorbing value
    2.00-3.50 cm3/g

    Use: widely used as a thickening agent for paint, printing agent for rubber and plastic industries.

    Output: 2500t/y

    Note: This plant produces the 3 kinds of white carbon black (e.g.KH-1,KH-2,KH-3) to meet the needs of different customers and fields.
    1.Type KH-1 is mainly used as wearproof and strengthening ink, art pigment. tooth paste, cosmetics. etc..
    2.Type KH-2 is mainly used as wearproof and strengthening filler agent for textile rubber, medical rubber, rubberroller, rubber carpet, transportation belt. etc.
    3.Type KH-3 is mainly used for the transparent and color rubber articles to be promoted, equivalent to the V3 N product of Germany.

    Packing: In woven bags.

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